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Electric Man

(74 964 głosów)
Flash (emulated)
Browser (desktop-only)
Strony Wiki:

Electric Man is an awesome action game in which you must fight against opponents using punch and kick combos. This stickman Flash game is ideal for fighter fans.

How to Play Electric Man

Before you enter this stickman fighter Flash game, you can choose the name and color of your stickman and also the difficulty level (easy, normal, or pro). Once you have chosen your character, you can complete a tutorial that shows you the basic game mechanics and move sets.

During each fight, you encounter various enemies and must use your move combos to defeat them! You can use three different quick moves (A, S & D) and three powerful slow-motion moves (Q, W & E). The moves change depending on if you are moving and which way you are facing your enemy.

The variety of moves is fantastic; your character can dish out some cool damage! The slow-motion moves use up your battery power, which regenerates over time, so use these moves sparingly. As you progress, the enemies become harder, and you must fight quickly and skillfully to persevere! Can you complete each level and create the ultimate stickman fighter?

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Electric Man was created by developer Damien Clarke who has created other exciting games such as Bloxorz.


  • Large array of different moves
  • Fun stickman gameplay
  • Three different difficulty levels

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